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The name "Retrato Montado" plays with the term "Police sketch", being a literal translation as "Mounted Portrait", but with the dynamics of assembling the character or representation of a person.


The Retrato Montado is a toy that helps children communicate with adults and, mainly, with professionals in the psychology area by assembling combinations between the pieces to create characters and/or describe someone. In addition to stimulating the recognition of facial expressions, it is also possible to explore children's motor coordination by fitting and disengaging the pieces due to the attraction of the magnets.


This toy is intended for children from 3 years old, helping to expose problems, perceptions, memories and emotions in a light and playful way. It is a tool that explores facial expressions and feelings while generating play and communication. 


The blocks are made from pine wood stumps and are cut into 6cm cubes.
The cubes have all their edges chamfered in a rounded way and the piece is sanded with heavy weight  to obtain a polished finish that is velvety to the touch. The torso and head pieces have magnet pins to connect with the other pieces and stay fixed.
The pieces, after finishing, receive the graphics with laser engraving, burning the surface of the wood.

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