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Every curve and every detail of the Stripe collection was designed to entice, engage and relax wearers. Fluid lines that emerge from the floor and envelop our body at rest flow back to the ground, attracting people and composing the urban landscape.


Its urban and popular use materializes mainly through the material chosen for its production. Steel tubes add firmness and stability to the needs of common and external use with resistance, simplicity, contemporaneity and authenticity.
Its light and fluid design allows the passage of ambient light between the contours of the products  even with its robust weight,  combining with its ergonomics that was designed to provide relaxing moments to the users.


The products in the collection have em Led lighting at the ends, accompanying the drawing of one inch steel tubes.

Lighting not only  makes it very attractive aesthetically how does the experience of its use at night very pleasant, without giving up resistance, by  electrostatic painting that the armchair receives. 

Width: 70cm
Length: 100cm
Height: 70cm
2 tubes with lighting
24 Tubes

Chaise type bench
Width: 51cm
Length: 170cm
Height: 70cm
1 tube with lighting
18 Tubes

Width: 51cm
Length: 170cm
Height: 45cm
2 tubes with lighting
17 Tubes

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