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Taime seeks to provide a
connection experience, in a healthy way, between user and food through technology.


An infrared projector
issues points that are used
to identify the movement
mouth, generating a pattern.
Processing is directly on the device, providing more security and privacy to the user.
Images are not stored.


The chewing cycle is identified, starting with mouth opening and closing, followed by chewing. The device identifies these movements by recording the number of chews, the time of one cycle and the time of the meal and how many bites were taken.
The user receives color feedback from an LED on top
of the device indicating the moment when the amount of chewing is adequate.





Independent processor

Visual module – Camera + IR Projector


Single touch button interface


Micro USB port for charging


High efficiency battery


All this in a piece of polished ABS plastic that is 6cm wide, 4cm deep and only 1.6cm thick.

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